What is a game jump

Pass – pass in the game, which means that the player refuses to participate in a particular draw. The pass (passing a turn in a card game) usually refers to the player's weak hand, but in some cases (for example, in a variety of louball poker 2-7) may mean a strong hand already ready. If you have a bad starting hand, and the chance of improving it is not great, it is better to throw the cards and skip the hand, so as not to lose any extra money.

Skip the turn in the card game Snore. If the player refuses to order a bribe and says "Pass", then the movement right passes to another player. However, all players can "bounce back", so you have to open another card, and start bidding again. In Snore, you can open three cards for free, and if for three rounds of bidding, no one ordered "vist" or "Snore", players add to the bank to a bet and renew the cards.

The player who refuses the distribution during the active game loses his initial bet and stops fighting for the main bank.