How to withdraw money from the game

In order to obtain winnings, the user must place an order for payment in his personal account. These payment orders can be processed up to 1 day during the week, and Saturdays and Sundays are weekends.

In the process of withdrawing money, the Commission is withdrawn about 5.5% of the initial amount, when withdrawals on the payment bank card-5.5%, but the Commission cannot be less than 50 rubles. The smallest amount of money you can withdraw-1000 rubles.

The largest amount of a single application will be 14,500 rubles. When the results are much higher, it is necessary to make several requests, from which the interest commissions listed above will be withdrawn. For example, if you want to withdraw 50 thousand rubles, you create 4 requests: 3 requests for 14 thousand and 1 request for an amount of 8 thousand. The following systems, bank cards and other means of payment may be used in the withdrawal process:

  • Online portfolio web mani
  • Yandex Money.
  • Kiwi portfolio.
  • International MASTERCARD and VISA.
  • MTS, Megaphone and Beeline.

After a thorough check of our payment system, the funds arrive at a rate based on your payment system.